"Buy Local - Shop Alexander County First" Campaign

Citizens for the Future of Alexander County (CFAC) announces its first economic growth initiative for Alexander County. CFAC is launching a “Buy Local - Shop Alexander County First" campaign to
create awareness to shop local businesses first before exiting the county to purchase goods and services. The campaign helps keep retail sales dollars and sales tax revenue dollars in the county to support our schools and vital county services.

Working in conjunction with the Alexander County Economic Development Corporation, CFAC kicked
off the campaign with a flier inside the property tax bills that were mailed out in August. "Love Alexander
County-Buy Local" fliers and posters will also be displayed at local businesses in the near future. The campaign is designed to prompt citizens to think about such questions as: "Are you driving your tax
dollars to surrounding counties
?" and "How much did you spend outside of Alexander County today?",
and to raise awareness that "When you shop in other counties our tax dollars fund their budgets, their schools, their emergency services and their residents—NOT OURS!"

Ten Reasons to Shop Alexander County First